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Cross-Media Movie Advertising Campaign


I decided to choose the water horse as my film to research as it was actually a roadside billboard that made me notice this film. Even though after the fact, I realised I had seen a trailer for it, there was something about the image and its title that made me want to check it out.


It may have been the romance of the image, it’s reminded me of some of the Yes and Asia Album covers.

I checked it out on the web and remembered seeing or, more accurately, half seeing, the trailer from the film. I don’t mind admitting I was a little disappointed.

The film poster I saw would have been enough to get me to the cinema to see this film but as I saw it around the time of this project, I thought it would be pertinent to use as a point of reference.

I don’t often go online to check out films before I watch them. I see the billboard posters when I am out and about, and the TV is on most evenings in my house, even if I am not the one watching it. So I quite often see trailers for things I might like to watch. This is pretty much how i have chosen the films I watch. Since starting this course I have actually started to ask people for their recommendations and I have seen some films that I would never have previously picked up for example, ‘Tartan Asia Extreme, Three Extremes’ 3 horror films which have English subtitles. I think that for some people it is best not to have too much information about the film before hand as this can put you off something that may have contained some cutting edge formula or technique, or have a quality you wouldn’t see anywhere else.

So I began to look for printed copy of the Water-Horse film, magazines and newspapers. This proved to be more difficult than i first thought. I don’t regularly buy a newspaper and the only magazines I buy with any regularity are Digital Arts and .net. I snooped through the recycle piles of family and friends and have actually come up with nothing at all. I assume there must have been some kind of printed media campaign but the only evidence I can find of this is the Billboards and bus stop posters that I have seen.

I checked out the website

This opened up with a similar image to the one I had seen but then loaded up into another screen.


There was a ‘Learn more’ Link which takes you to a page which contains information about the film, the book it was based on, the area (Loch Ness) that it was based in right through to where Crusoe (the Water-Horse’s name) came from to activities based on the aforementioned themes. this can be found at



If you follow the obvious path though the Story and Production Notes to Cast and Crew pages, you actually get a massive insight as to what is involved in making a film. It is a far cry away from the films of my childhood where the magic of movies was only spoilt by some clever adult telling us how it was done. Said adult was usually the type to go and watch subtitled ‘artsy’ films and often bought the types of magazines that, well helped them stand out from a crowd and had films like The Wicker Man (the original one)in their video collection. I have to say that if this kind of information, so nicely presented, had been available to my friends and I as teenagers we may well have been able to convince our parents that going to Art College was in fact a good career choice at that time. It may have helped us to better understand what we were looking at and on the whole be much more critical of the movies we watched. But hey, that’s progress for you.


Although the Flash built site can take a little time to download the various pages it is very beautiful to look at, there are some really nice extras like Games to play,


Screensavers and Aim Icons for fans to download, there is a Video gallery too and the Photo Gallery is quite extensive.


Aside from the main website, the trailer can be found on


and there are too many places to list to find movie reviews on the world wide web, and some of these are actually reviews that have been printed in the worlds media and press.


As with any other art form, all views are subjective and relative to the person holding that view. For example on one forum you have a grandparent to a 3 and 4 year old who thinks the film is fantastic and in the same forum a father, who’s 8 year old daughter was so upset that he felt the need to warn other parents of the dangers of this film. I suppose that being able to visit a forum like this may well help parents to make the choice about their own individual child’s personality and make a desision as to whether to let that child watch the film or not. For anyone who remembers the cinema filled with the sound of wailing children at Walt Disney’s Bambi when Bambi’s mother is shot, may well appreciate this opportunity.

As it is I still haven’t gone to see the film, and I may well now wait until it comes out on video before I do, and I shall reserve my judgement until I have seen the film, as to letting my 2 and 4 year old see it yet.