Posted: April 10, 2008 in Interactive Project
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I decided to pop over to Adam Fairhead’s SecondLife concern ‘Lookr’ which he runs under the name of Adam Soler, to see how he was getting on and what kind of clothes he was selling. I had been interested in Adams project from the beginning and it was thanks to him that I looked at SecondLife at all.

The store was nice and modern looking, with places to sit and chat as well as the actual shop which has some really nice looking clothes for male and female avatars.

I did actually try to catch up with Adam in his store and unfortunately I had a problem with my system so that all I could see was my avatar losing its clothes and running off into the distance. I still haven’t worked out if it was just a glitch or a mouse problem, as this was around the time I began to have a problem with my computer mouse. So I made a note to go back to the shop another time.

As my time in SecondLife has been spent researching the possibilities and talking to various types of SL user I have sometimes found myself feeling like the only person at a fancy dress party who didn’t read the invitation or the only one in costume at other times. So I rapidly found myself in the position of spending real money on L$ (Linden Dollars) to make my avatar look better. I had laughed at Adam when he first said that one of the reasons he was doing this project was to provide the people who visit the in world church events could dress their avatars to help them fit in world better. I found the better my avatar looked the more time people were willing to spend talking to me in world. I guess what Adam said about that is true. I should possibly send him a note or e-mail to this effect.

Shellby Shelford Wearing Lookr’s Vixen outfit (Boots not supplied)

I went to back to visit Adam Soler’s shop and purchased some clothing for my avatar. I purchased his hooded tops for when I want to look preppy and one of his Vixen outfits.

I was really pleasantly surprised to find that I struggled to choose something in Lookr. It’s all a bit hip and trendy!

I finally went for the Vixen design outfit which is a pair of jeans with a long jacket. I soon figured out that I could also wear the same jeans with the hooded tops. I actually felt like I had got good value for money. The textures are really nice, the colours used are quite conservative but a good choice all the same and the look of the clothing can be changed slightly in some cases with options available in the folder e.g. top tucked in or out.

I would definitely recommend Lookr to my friends as a place to purchase some very nice quality, well priced attractive outfits for your avatar.

I visited Lookr again recently and while the shop has changed dramatically since the last time I was there it is still a very nice place to shop. I only have one real complaint and that is the lack of changing rooms. It isn’t something I had thought about before, but as I changed Shellby into the outfit I purchased this time, I thought the shop was empty and went about removing clothes and adding the outfit. This may not be the best way of doing it, but I find it a little less time consuming than re-finding the hair and stuff. I will usually find a quite spot to do this and I have seen evidence that I am not the only one who is a little reluctant to strip my avatar naked in (virtual) public, and I don’t imagine I am the only one to get a little protective of my online personality. With this in mind and the kind of clientele Adam originally wanted to sell his clothes to, it may be worth Lookr considering adding some changing rooms to avoid embarrassing situations, like this one.

An image I received after my visit to Lookr. I would like to add this was nothing to do with the owner of the establishment and very much to do with the type of people we encounter in real life as well as on line.

I decided to recommend Lookr to a friend of mine who lets me use her avatar as a model at times, she is not a premium member either so most of her stuff is usually free or very cheap.. I gave her some L$ to spend and a landmark and asked her to go buy something and take a couple of screen shots for me. I asked my friend as she dresses differently than me on SL and she is younger so I thought it might be interesting to see what she chose.

Larissa in Lookr, in her own dress which she got free from ‘somewhere’

Larrissa in Lookr clothes

It was at this point I got a call to say could I check her skirt out as she couldn’t make it fit and as she was coming to see me could I look at it for her. When she arrived we logged in to see what the problem was and whether we could edit the skirt to fit.

It may be that I don’t know enough about the workings of SL yet, but I really struggled to get it just right. In the end, I told her that her avatar had the biggest bottom I had ever seen and we should change it. so we changed her avatar shape and she went away very happy with her purchases which were a very mini skirt with shorts, a ‘Fox’ top set and another top from the ‘ancer’ collection. I think it is worth mentioning this problem to Adam as I have been using SL for a while now and so has my friend and we still weren’t sure we had done the right thing, and a newer person may need a little instruction in this and a little information at the right time can bring a frustrated shopper back to an establishment.

Another idea I had, as an experiment, was to get my shopaholic friend to take off round the freebie and cheap shopping malls that are prevalent in SecondLife and asked her to come back with some items she liked to see if she could get her avatar dressed for less and at how much effort.

The results were interesting. It would appear that there are some nice quality clothes available but you have to trawl the malls of SecondLife, and for anyone who hates shopping it becomes a painful process. I gave her a link to the Staffordshire University so that she could play about with the items she’d picked up without too much messing about and asked for some screen shots and an opinion about the comparisons.

These are some of the outfits I found. They are about the best of the ones I have found after unpacking about a dozen boxes of items which I had picked up while shopping in SecondLife….Larri

Not really what i was looking for but a couple of pieces i might keep…Larri

This is actually my favourite free outfit and it reminds me a little of the style of clothes I found in Lookr. The graphics on the screen shot don’t show the nice detail in the top. I think I could mix and match these jeans and trainers with my tops from Lookr as I do prefer the Lookr clothes, the textures look well done and the flexi skirt works really nicely, in a way you don’t get with a lot of the cheaper items. All in all, I enjoy shopping for bargains on SecondLife and sorting through my purchases, I even get things I really like enough to keep hold of but shopping for cheap and free stuff does take up most of the time I spend in the game which prevents me from using my time to explore the other options on there. After my proper shopping trip to Lookr I may actually consider getting a paid up account to buy more clothes so that I can see what it is about this game that keeps people hooked in ….Larrisa

I have a sneaking suspision that actually it is the free shopping that keeps my friend interested in the game and she may not appreciate the ease or cost of buying full priced outfits regularly but this remains to be seen.


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