Week 10

Posted: April 1, 2008 in Weekly Log

Week 10 Interactive Project


I met up with the Jabberwock Pirates on a Saturday evening in SecondLife to get some film footage of them walking the plank and doing some sailing, the results of which I have added to my PowerPoint presentation. This is available for viewing on the web at http://www.shellintons.com/pirates/pirates_pres.html

I learned many things whilst doing this piece of filming, mostly how not to do it. I found filming, directing and interacting very difficult on my own and without voice activated. This is something I would like to change if I do this again. It would be better to have the chat facility open so that I could talk to the people I am directing as I had to keep changing my viewer in order to read their questions and type instructions, which ate into filming time and meant that I missed some quite good shots as the on screen information (i.e. avatar names etc) were on view each time I tried to type in my instructions. I found that I missed so many parts of the groups interaction too, which is a real shame. I will check on the availability of voice in the Sim used and if I wish to re-shoot then I shall use that. If it is not available I shall find a second person who can come and work with me and use their avatar in world to give out my directions to the ‘cast’ freeing up my screen for filming.

The ‘cast’ or pirates of Jabberwock where brilliant and very patient with me, offering to let me re-shoot anything I needed to. They also showed an interest in what I was doing so I sent them a link to my SecondLife blog https://shellbyshelford.wordpress.com/ so that they could see what I was doing and why. When I next logged back into SecondLife I found that a couple of the group had read my blog and Antigua Jewel said it sounded really interesting which was good to know, if I can interest someone with no connection to me or the centre then this is surely a good thing.

The whole process took about an hour and a half, and I got some interesting, if jerky footage. Having chopped and edited the footage down, I find that I have enough to put together my proposed idea, and I have enjoyed the experience enough to want to do it again. I can see massive potential to SecondLife film and would love to do a really good job at it, so I do believe that machinima is something I may well get in to for future projects of mine, whether personal or commissioned.

As it stands though, if I have any interest in producing the game from a financial backer, I may well look to employing a company like WBA Advertising to shoot the footage I need. I would have to go to them for a quote on the job and weigh that up along with the professionalism and really nice filming they produce against my time and learning curve to produce the same quality of work. I would also need to code the games and then put the whole artefact together as a working game. there is the possibility of introducing a database which holds basic details of name, level reached etc, and a mobile phone game (which is a little more basic) for the students to download and play at home. I am going to need to source some help if I am to produce this game in a short timescale. Or I could learn at my own pace and produce the game eventually in my spare time, which given my current situation could be just this side of never.

The next step now is to talk to Janice form the local SpLD Centre and see what she thinks; as she is off sick at the moment I will be going round to her house next week to show her the presentation. I will see what she says about approaching an Educational Games manufacturing company with my concept and see where I go from there.


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