Graphics Tablet Adventures

Posted: March 7, 2008 in Journal

I got hold of a Graphic Tablet this week, thanks to my mate Luke. I had thought that it would make life soooo much easier. Now don’t get me wrong, I like to get my pens, pencils and ink out but I also like my computer and/or Laptop and having been introduced to and other digital artwork, Iheld hopes that a graphics tablet would speed up my work process.

So I started by ‘having a go’. I spent about an hour and a half playing with this new toy, and I actually really enjoyed it. As it happens i htink it may be a nice way of roughing aout ideas to be taken and done as ‘handcrafted’ art work on paper, or maybe as a way of changing my original artwork which I scan in and work on. Having done the later, on numerous occasions with a mouse, this graphics Tablet is a god send.

I saved the work at a few different stages to show my progress. The final jpg is by no means the finished article. Having said that I may well be able to use this technique to work out some rough character sketches for Luke, more quickly than i previously thought.

First saved versionSecondThirdForth



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