Log: Week 7

Posted: February 27, 2008 in Weekly Log

Week 7 Interactive Project

Feb 25 – Mar 02

I am suddenly all excited about my project. I finally got to a point where I felt I had done enough research to approach the ‘professionals’ of the Second Life Machinima makers. I have been a frequent browser of the forums and joined the mailing list for the Machinima group on the 2nd Life (e)mailing list and I have been interested to read the various requests and comments that you get in this kind of mailing group. It has been a good way of being able to view some of the newest offerings by the group.

So I posted a request for assistance on the machinima forum on the 2ndLife website and also e-mailed it to the group on machinima@lists.secondlife.com

Within 2 days I had replies with offers of help, costumes and props from a few people, which I have included in my filed research/work folder. Among these people were Cecil Hirvi and AWM Mars (In World names) who are listed in the SecondLife Wiki pages under Machinima Content Companies. Which can be found at



AWM Mars
said “Hello,
This is a very noble cause, and I think we can help you here.
IM either me or Pixie Tungl ingame please and we can setup a meeting to discuss details.”


As it turns out Pixie Tungl is the 2ndLife PA to AWM Mars who seems to head up the SecondLife Company of WBA Advertising. They make promotional movies in 2ndLife and also show movies among other things, it looks like a professional outfit and I am pleased to have had a reply from them. More information can be found on their website here




I have had replies from AWM on a forum thread when I said I was having problems with one of the video capture packages I tried. He was very informative and helpful then so I shall be making contact with AWM Mars and/or Pixie Tungl over the next couple of days to find out how we might collaborate over this project. This company seems to have done some good work and has quite a few clients and I am looking forward to speaking with AWM.

Cecil Hirvi wrote

“I can do a pretty mean, “Aarghh me mateys!” in voice.

I can only assume this is an offer of an ‘Actor’ for my project as Cecil acts in his own machinima. I don’t really mind what he does to help as I have seen the amount of films he has produced and I think it would just be good to have someone as well respected as he is in this circle along for the ride.

Cecil composes music, photographs, writes and produces in real life and is a machinima maker in 2ndLife. His online portfolio includes work for educational institutions and can be found at




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