Log: Week 5

Posted: February 27, 2008 in Weekly Log

Week 5 Interactive Project

Feb 11 – Feb 17

I went to visit Adam Soler’s shop and purchased some clothing for my avatar. I purchased his hoodie tops in for when I want to look preppy and one of his Vixen outfits. I know it seems silly but I really don’t like to dress my avatar in clothes that are too revealing. I spent a lot of time and some Linden dollars on a shape that seemed fairly ok and some nice hair. Well, a few hair pieces and an extra freebie shape and skin, just to ‘feel right’ when I am communicating in world. I haven’t been too prim about it but I wouldn’t feel right as a fluffy bunny when talking to people in a semi-professional capacity, nor do I want her to look like a page 3 model in skimpy clothes. So I was really pleasantly surprised when I struggled to choose something in Lookr. It’s all a bit hip and trendy! Never one to be labelled a fashion victim, I just couldn’t do it, so I finally went for the Vixen design outfit which is a pair of jeans with a long jacket which is not dissimilar to some of the stuff I wore before I got pregnant and fatter. I still wear that kind of stuff, just a bit baggier these days, which brings me on to how vain we are about our online personalities. I am really quite amused by it and by the fact that I also fell into the same trap. In fact I went as far as coming up with a reason to join up properly to SecondLife so that I could get money to spend on stuff. There are ways to earn L$ in world but they are time consuming and answering questionnaires to get a few pence really isn’t for me, added to that fact a lot of the available questionnaires are not for people in the UK.

I began roughing out the interface of my game in my sketchbook. I found an article in the .net magazine on using hand drawn elements well on a web site and having looked at the general title pages and interfaces of various games, I think I’d like to go this way with my designs as I think it may work well with the pirate theme.


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