Log: Week 4

Posted: February 27, 2008 in Weekly Log

Week 4 Interactive Project

Feb 05 – Feb 10

As far as the character design has gone for the Discworld characters, I have been looking around for people to draw as source material. Seems everyone is busy these days. So I took a look through my partners photography collection, he is a photographer. I found a few images to use but this isn’t as easy as I thought it might be. I have let life get in the way of my drawing over the last couple of years, and I have been agonising over what style to do them in and how they should look. ~I asked Luke to show me some more of the artwork he liked and he found some images that helped. They showed the initial drawn character and the 3D character that was eventually derived from it. I really need to go back to him with something fairly quickly.

In my own project, and whilst I was mooching about I decided to pop over to Adam Fairhead’s SecondLife concern, Lookr which he runs under the name of Adam Soler, to see how he was getting on and what kind of clothes he was selling. I had been interested in Adams project from the beginning and it was thanks to him that I looked at SecondLife at all. I originally started to look at it as a massive ‘poser’ type program, where I could dress up a 3D character, position them and take snapshots to use to illustrate my work. But as things progressed and my research took me further into the realms of SecondLife I realised that here was a whole world of possibilities, if only I could find my niche. I was interested in finding out how Adam was getting along with his venture. As it turned out his new shop is very pleasant. It appears to be underwater but that doesn’t prevent the store from looking nice and modern, with places to sit and chat as well as the actual shop which has some really nice looking clothes for male and female avatars.

I did actually try to catch up with Adam in his store and unfortunately I had a problem with my system so that all I could see was my avatar losing its clothes and running off into the distance. I still haven’t worked out if it was just a glitch or a mouse problem, as this was around the time I began to have a problem with my computer mouse.

I have spent an awful lot of time searching SecondLife for a place to film in and I have come across some interesting people along the way some of whom have offered me in world friendship (for ease of future contact) and also offered their help if I need more help. I need to formulate a document to send around to the groups as a request for help. I have really had an issue with this for some reason. I think it was because I still feel so new to a lot of this and I needed to feel I can talk about what I want to do without looking like a complete newbie. The same really goes for your avatar too. I found the better my avatar looked the more time people were willing to spend talking to me in world. I guess what Adam said about that is true. I should possibly send him a note or e-mail to this effect. Although I have to say, if your female avatar shows any amount of flesh then you tend to get hit on by females as well as males, this can be really irritating but I found the ‘Kiss My But’ gesture quite appropriate when used with the teleport facility.


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