Log: Week 1

Posted: February 26, 2008 in Weekly Log

Week 1 Interactive Project

Jan 14 – Jan 20

This week Luke and I spent some time revisiting our IPP and discussing where we had got to and the fact that we did less over the holidays than we really expected to. All the best of intentions but not enough time. Luke is producing a marketing piece for a MMPORPG based on Terry Pratchett’s Discworld. I spoke to Luke about his project. He said, that he wanted to change the focus of his project from the motion capture and greenscreening that he’d had in mind to a more interactive part of the project like the game, the design and interface. This made more sense really as the movie element wasn’t really very interactive and the whole look of the game was actually a big part of it and really the interface would be one of the first things you come across when playing it.


I have my storyboard ready but Luke needs to do his yet, so we had a look at the type of things we might need 3D modelling to use in both of our projects. Luke decided to have a look through the SecondLife website to see how I might use the facilities on offer with my project in mind. He mentioned the fact that it is open source and that I could possibly (at a cost) set up my own server and have my own part of SecondLife. I don’t mind admitting that this appealed to me. My own little world. Well, my partner Mr P always said he wished he could get tickets to ‘Shelly World’, he firmly believes that he could make a fortune selling them. Although it would be ‘Shellby Shelford’s World’ after my 2ndLife name.

This week have downloaded Wink and Camtasia to try out as screen capture devises. I know that Bells and Spurs was done in Wink from the research I did last term, so I thought I would try it.

I have joined the SecondLife Educational (or SLED) mailing list, and contacted the owners of the Education Island Uk part of SecondLife who have suggested a few things and also mentioned that there were somewhere in the region of 240 members in their group most of whom were willing to volunteer for a good cause.



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